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Munna Mange Memsaab is Hindi Full Comedy dratmatic Full Hindi Movie acting by Razzak Khan, Ms. Jordiya Anna, Himani Shivpuri and others in their given roles. Munna Mange Memsaab Hindi movie Story based on small village boy name Munna who is unfriendly nat not handsome or intelligent.
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Her mother despite him and said that handsome boys on the earth always get beautiful Memsaab for marry. So Munna grows up and thinking and dreaming of his mother wish and also he believe that he will get marry a beautiful Smart Memsaab and passes his days. Finnaly he goes to town, now what will be happen finally Munna find his true love with beautiful Leady?

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Movie Name :  Munna Mange Memsaab
Genre: Dramatic Comedy.
Movie Director: Shareeph Mansuri
Produce By: Ajay Gupta
Music By : Nazam Khan
Language: Hindi
Country: India.
Release Date: 11th July 2014.

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