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Bollywood super action and romantic musical movie Bang Bang released 02 October 2014.  Bang Bang Movie is remake from the Hollywood film Knight and Day featuring by action hero Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. Fox Star confirming Bang Bang release on more than 5100 screens and from them 4300 screens would be India, rest other 852 screens are at overseas. More over it will be release in three languages (Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu)


Bang Bang Movie Budget and Expectation:

Bang Bang film made on Rs 140 Crores including prints, advertising and others promotional activities under the “Fox Star studios” Production Company which make budget only 2nd to Best Box office record creator movie Dhoom 3.

So Bang Bang Movie Box Office report or Earning Expectation is too much high near about 30 Crore plus from the first day Box office collection.We see the good trade, first day box office collection of Bang Bang movie will be Estimates 25-27 Crore (Trade Figure). Normal Number will be adding next day.

First Circuit Numbers is Rajasthan: 1.3 Crores, In the city based Bang Bang might be go ahead of Salman Khan “Kick”. If bang bang go ahead the Kick, it will be the 5th highest grosser of All Time.

Bang Bang Box Office Collection A to Z:-

Bang Bang' First / Opening Day box office collections:

  • Estimates Amount: 25-27 Crore (Trade Figure).
  • Normal Amount: Adding Next Day.
  • First Circuit Data: Rajasthan: 1.3 Crores.

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